John Grisham

An instant #1 New York Times Best Seller

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“[A] buoyant, mischievous thriller . . . Grisham writes in such an inventive spirit. . . A treat.”
—Janet Maslin, The New York Times
“Satisfying . . . Grisham [is] at his best when he brings his sardonic sense of humor to the sometimes questionable ethics of law and banking.”—USA Today
“[A] smartly told tale . . . gratifying and all-too-real.”—The Washington Post

". . .turns the the staid world of for-profit law schools into a gripping thriller."
—The Atlantic

"Mr. Grisham’s tale is a thoroughly engaging, seriocomic caper that satirizes and exposes unsavory for-profit law schools, along with banks that exploit students with loans they’ll never be able to pay off, unfair United States immigration policies — and, for that matter, the entire legal profession in this country. . .wild, hard-to-put-down romp. It’s no surprise that the author’s writing should be brilliant, nor that his far-fetched plot is compelling from chapter to chapter. It appears light and funny, but his characters’ travails reflect those of a significant number of real-life American millennials duped by unscrupulous banks and businesses."
—Pittsburgh Post-Gazette